Understated Magic - Pay-off, Performance & Property

Understated Magic - Pay-off, Performance & Property

The unstated magic is that the property can be paid off in 60 months if an investor is willing to forgo positive cash flow and even feed the property an additional $100 a month.

Five, or seven years later you reach the promised land of owning this property free and clear with rental cash flow less maintenance fees, taxes and insurance.

The other key difference in the Memphis Investment Properties strategy is to package and provide a performing property.  This means “no-assembly required.” The property is renovated to rent ready and occupiedby a tenant paying market rent under a lease agreement. The spreadsheet is not best case but actual case as the numbers presented are the numbers currently being delivered. 

The financial pro forma is sold on on financial performance and includes titled property as the real asset. What Wall Street instrument comes close?


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