Make a Good First Impression with Your Rental Property

Make a Good First Impression with Your Rental Property


You never get a second chance to make good a first impression. Prospective tenants know in within seconds whether they are interested in renting your property. It doesnt matter whether they first see the property online or drive by and see it in person, the tenant is going to be heavily biased one way or another about the house almost immediately. They may be able to talk themselves into renting after thinking about it but why start out on a bad foot?


Here are some tips for making the best first impressions:


1. Curb appeal: Peeling paint, crooked gutters, dead bushes and damaged mailboxes instantly form an opinion in a prospective tenant’s mind. It indicates a lack of interest on the part of the landlord. If they can’t be bothered to spruce up the property how are they going to be if any real problems come up? Make sure the house looks as good as it can from the street. It will immediately attract renters and give you better photos with which to market the property.


2. Have the property professionally cleaned: When a perspective tenant enters your property, you want them to see a neat and clean place they can call home. Clean floors, fresh paint, and a clutter free environment are inviting to anyone. As a bonus, tenants that start with a well-kept rental tend to care for it more.


3. Appliances and fixtures: No one wants to live with old fixtures and outdated appliances. Newer, rust free sinks and kitchen appliances can really make a house shine. This may be the most expensive upgrade you should make but it is a powerful one.


4. Floors: There are many inexpensive options for flooring these days that can make a home look brand new. Is the house fully carpeted? Solid surface flooring is becoming increasingly popular and is often easier to maintain. 


5 Lighting: The easiest thing you can do to impress a perspective tenant is to make sure that all the lights work. Walking through a lighted home is simply more impressive than squinting in the dark because there are no bulbs in the lights. Dont forget to change out any cracked or broken fixtures.


These are just a few of the things that you may consider when getting a property ready for the rental market. See how just a few simple and inexpensive changes may make your property one of the most popular rentals on the market.



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