How Your Investment Loan Works

How Your Investment Loan Works

There is no magic to this. Memphis Investment Properties has arranged private, non-recourse (no personal guarantee), asset-based investment financing for qualifying properties at mezzanine interest rates. These asset based loans offer a 50 percent loan on rental properties. 

The non-recourse or no requirement for a personal guarantee is born of retirement tax and practical requirement. The domestic self-directed IRA beneficiary - the person benefiting from the IRA tax deferral - cannot have anything to do with the business conducted by IRA-owned LLC, so personal loan guarantees are forbidden.

In the case of of foreign based borrows, United States credit history and any recovery for non-payment of the loan is impractical, short of repossessing the property. Hence these loans are available to foreign investors as asset-based loans that do not require personal guarantees. The 50% percent loan to value is adequate surety for the lender.


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