Big River Crossing

Big River Crossing

Memphis began as a river town. It sits on bluffs that keep it relatively flood free above the low-lying delta region along the Mississippi river. These bluffs made the city ideal for the docking of barges and in turn made Memphis an early hub of distribution for the nation.  These same bluffs gave sound footing to four bridges vital to moving people and goods across the Mississippi river.

The Memphis & Arkansas Bridge, the Frisco Bridge, the Harahan Bridge and the Hernando De Soto Bridge, each keep traffic flowing from east to west and back again. These bridges have become Memphis Icons and central to Memphians identity.

For years, highways and railroads have crossed the river in a constant harried stream. But lately there have been crossings of a more relaxed nature. 

In October or 2016 the Big River Crossing opened, crossing the Mississippi in a new way and fostering a new appreciation for the bridges and the river. Big River Crossing is the longest public pedestrian/bike bridge across the Mississippi River, providing dramatic views of its ever-changing landscape. By connecting Main Streets in Memphis and West Memphis, the BRX ties together urban, rural, and natural areas and gives users recreation options unique to each setting.

The board walk is nearly a mile-long allowing walkers and bikers to cross the river alongside the railroad on the 100-year-old Harahan Bridge and enjoy views of Memphis and the river previously only seen by the trains.


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